Welcome to the Centre for Pre-University Studies

We have come a long way and we take pride in the fact that we were the first School to be established in TAR College (now TAR UMT) in 1969 and that has served us well. From our humble beginnings as the pioneer School at TAR College, the Centre has become a destination of choice for students seeking quality and affordable pre-university programmes.  

The Centre offers TAR UMT's own home-grown Foundation in Science, Foundation in Arts, Foundation in Business, and Foundation in Computing programmes which are MQA-accredited pathways to TAR UMT's bachelor's degree programmes. Through their rigorous curriculum, the Foundation programmes provide students with a solid preparation for undergraduate studies.

Here at TAR UMT, while we insist on academic rigour, we also seek to enrich and challenge our students to develop their full potential. Given a conducive learning environment, a comprehensive range of support facilities and services, passionate teaching faculty, and commitment to pastoral care, our students are holistically groomed for challenges beyond Foundation Studies. 

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